Why Are security Cameras so low Quality

Security cameras are a very important part of keeping places safe. However, many people wonder why the images from security cameras often seem so blurry or unclear.

Have you ever tried to get a good look at a security camera video but couldn’t quite make out what was happening? There are some good reasons why this happens.

Security cameras need to capture a wide view so they can see more of what is happening. But having a wide view means the camera cannot focus closely on small details. The cameras also need to record day and night, inside and outside, so the quality has to be good enough to work in many light conditions.

And they must be cheap enough for most businesses and homes to afford. This is why security camera images often lack sharp focus and clear details.

What are the Reasons some Security Cameras are so Low Quality?

A few elements add to surveillance cameras being bad quality. How about we see those variables individually.

1. Low Resolution

Security cameras need to take many pictures each second to record movements. But they cannot use very large and detailed pictures. This is because bigger pictures mean more storage space is needed to save all the pictures. Using small pictures allows more time of recording to be saved. But small pictures also mean less sharpness and clarity. So low picture resolution is one reason why security camera images can be unclear.

2. Lens Quality

The lenses used in security cameras see very wide areas. This is because the cameras need to cover large spaces like rooms and grounds. Wide angle lenses can make it hard to Focus well. It is also difficult for lenses to work well in many light conditions. Such lenses may not collect enough light. Or they could have defects. Low quality lenses contribute to images looking unclear or blurred from security cameras.

3. Large Data Volume

Security cameras record a lot of video. This makes very big video files. The big files take up a lot of storage space. And it takes more time to send the big files over the internet. So companies use lower quality cameras. Lower quality makes smaller video files. This saves storage space and internet bandwidth. But it means the video is not as clear.

4. Viewing Platform

Security cameras have lower quality for some reasons. The cameras need to record all the time so they use up less storage. It costs less money to have lower quality cameras. Also it takes less internet data to send lower quality video.

The video quality does not need to be perfect to see what is happening. Lower quality cameras are good enough for security uses. The important thing is that the cameras can still see to protect people and places.

5. Cropping

Security cameras often crop the video image. Cropping means only showing part of the full image. The cameras crop to focus on the important areas. They don’t need to show the entire scene.

Cropping the image makes the file sizes smaller. This saves storage space and internet data. It also makes things easier to see by zooming in on the key areas. Cropping removes extras that are not needed for security. The cropped video still shows what matters most.

6. Cost Restrictions

Security cameras need to be affordable. High quality cameras cost a lot of money. Most places want to spend less money on their cameras. Lower quality cameras are cheaper to buy.

Also cheaper cameras do not cost as much to operate. The video files take up less storage and internet data. Places balance the camera quality with their budget. The video quality is good enough for security needs. The lower quality helps keep the camera systems affordable. Cheaper cameras allow more cameras to be installed.

7. Sensor Size

The sensors in security cameras are small. Sensors capture the image. Smaller sensors are cheaper but lower quality. Larger sensors cost more but have better quality. Most security cameras use small, lower-cost sensors.

This allows more cameras to be installed for the same budget. The small sensors give enough detail for security needs. They can still capture people and events. Lower resolution from small sensors reduces storage needs. The small sensors help keep security systems affordable. The video quality is good enough for security uses.

8. Compression

Security cameras use compression. Compression reduces the file size. It makes the files smaller to save space. Compression also lowers the data needed to send the video. High compression gives smaller files and lower quality.

Light compression has bigger files and better quality. Most security cameras compress a lot. This gives lower quality but takes less storage and internet data. The small files work for security needs. Compression lets more video be stored and sent. The quality is good enough to see what’s happening.

How to Make Low Quality Videos High Quality?

It isn’t just inner equipment factors yet in addition a few significant outer elements that debase the presentation of surveillance cameras. Yet, these elements can be effortlessly overseen and rectified. We should consider which variables to search for to switch inferior quality recordings over completely to superior grade.

1. Improve Lighting Conditions

Better lighting helps security cameras. Cameras need enough light to see clearly. Outdoor cameras should be placed to avoid shadows. Nighttime needs bright lighting on areas to watch.

Add more lights to eliminate dark spaces. Indoor cameras work best with bright room lighting. Avoid pointing cameras towards windows or doors. The sun can make the image too dark. Proper lighting removes dark spots that hide people and things. It makes the video crisp and clear. Good lighting gives security cameras the best conditions.

2. Correct Installation and Placement

Installing cameras properly helps the video quality. Cameras should be placed in good positions. They need to fully view important areas. Avoid pointing cameras into direct sunlight.

That makes the picture too dark. Don’t mount cameras too high up. Being too far away looks blurry. Position cameras to capture faces clearly. Check for obstructions like trees and walls. Proper installation avoids bad angles and distances. Well-placed cameras optimize the video quality. Good installation removes issues that degrade the video.

3. Good Internet Connectivity

Fast internet helps security camera video quality. The cameras send the video files over the internet. Slow internet makes the video look bad. It can make the video blurry or freeze up.

Faster internet allows clearer, smoother video. Wired internet is better than wireless. Wireless internet can have interference and dropouts. Having enough internet bandwidth is important. More bandwidth lets cameras send high quality video. Good connections keep the video streaming smoothly. Fast, reliable internet improves security camera video.

What Makes Cameras High Quality?

Here are some key factors that contribute to high quality cameras:

Enhanced Night Vision – Quality cameras have excellent low light capabilities and can capture clear footage even in very dim conditions. They use sensors and technology like infrared to see in the dark.

Enhanced Video Quality – High resolution image sensors, advanced image processing, and high quality lenses result in sharper, more detailed video footage during the day and night. Quality cameras capture footage in at least 1080p resolution or higher.

Wider Field View – A wide field of view allows the camera to see more of the surrounding area. Quality cameras use wide angle lenses or even 360-degree lenses to maximize coverage.

Various Storage Options – Top cameras support onboard storage like SD cards or cloud storage to securely save footage. Local storage avoids reliance on wifi connectivity.

Smart Features – AI powered cameras have smart features like human/vehicle detection, facial recognition, auto tracking and more. This enhances automation and functionality.

Overall, quality cameras use a combination of high-end optics, large sensors, robust build, intelligent software and connectivity options to deliver superior surveillance capabilities suited for different needs. Paying more for cameras with advanced specs usually results in better performance.

Top 3 High-Quality Security Camera Recommendations

Eufy is a dependable brand with regards to security matters. Following is a rundown of the main 3 great surveillance cameras you ought to consider while purchasing.

1. Eufy SoloCam S340

Here are some key features of the eufy SoloCam S340 that contribute to its high quality:

  • 2K resolution video with 2560x1440p resolution for sharp, detailed footage day and night.
  • Wide 140-degree field of view to see more of the area.
  • Starlight night vision to capture footage in lighting as low as 0.1 lux. Uses infrared and Sony sensor.
  • Onboard AI for human detection, pet detection and cry detection. Can only record relevant events.
  • No monthly fees and local storage with 16GB memory built-in, expandable via microSD card.
  • Weatherproof IP65 rated body for outdoor use.
  • Wireless connectivity and long battery life up to 180 days on a charge.
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice controls.

So in summary, the 2K video resolution, intelligent detection features, extensive storage capacity, durable build and wire-free operation make the eufy SoloCam S340 a versatile and high performance outdoor security camera. The local storage and lack of subscription fees are also big advantages.

2. EufyCam S330

Here are some of the key features that make the eufyCam S330 a high quality security camera:

  • 2K resolution with 2560x1440p video for sharp image quality and detail.
  • Wide 120-degree field of view to capture more of the surroundings.
  • Night vision range up to 30 feet to see at night.
  • Onboard AI for human detection to reduce false alerts.
  • Local storage with 16GB eMMC storage per camera. No monthly fees.
  • Weatherproof IP67 rating for outdoor and indoor use.
  • 180 days battery life on a full charge. Completely wire-free.
  • WiFi connectivity and eufy Security app for controls.
  • Supports Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control.

In summary, the eufyCam S330 combines high resolution 2K video, intelligent detection, generous local storage, long battery life and durable construction in a wireless package. The lack of monthly fees makes it cost effective. Overall, a versatile high-end outdoor security camera with smart AI and local storage.

3. Eufy 4G Camera S230

Here are some of the key features that make the eufy 4G Camera S230 a high quality security camera:

  • 1080p full HD video resolution for sharp and detailed footage.
  • Wide 135-degree field of view.
  • Night vision up to 30 feet. Captures footage even in low light conditions.
  • Built-in local storage with 16GB eMMC memory. Expandable with microSD card.
  • 4G LTE cellular connectivity. Doesn’t need WiFi. Can be installed anywhere with cell coverage.
  • Weatherproof IP67 rated body for outdoor and indoor installation.
  • 180 days of battery life on a full charge. Completely wire-free setup.
  • AI human detection to reduce false alerts.
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

In summary, the eufy S230 combines full HD video quality, wide field of view, long battery life and on-device storage in a 4G LTE equipped wireless camera. The cellular connectivity allows flexible placement while the AI detection and lack of monthly fees provide added practicality. Overall, a versatile wire-free outdoor security camera with smart features.


Security cameras are often low quality because they are made cheaply. Companies want to save money, so they buy inexpensive cameras. The cameras have low resolution. This means the video image is blurry and details are hard to see. The cameras also have narrow fields of view. They can only see a small area. 

This makes it hard to identify people and things. Low quality cameras work okay for basic security monitoring. But they are not good enough for seeing small details. Companies could buy better cameras that show clearer video with more detail. But those cost a lot more money. So most companies just get cheap low quality cameras instead. Those do a basic job of recording video. But the video will be blurry and lack detail.

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