Purple Spot on iPhone Screen [Fixed with Easy Steps 2024]

A purple spot appearing on your iPhone screen can be alarming. But don’t panic – in most cases, the issue can be resolved. This guide covers the common causes of the iPhone purple spot problem, how to diagnose the issue, fixes and prevention tips.

Common Causes of Purple Spot on iPhone Screens

There are a few known reasons a purple spot or patch may show up on your iPhone display:

Screen Burn-In

With OLED displays on newer iPhones, screen burn-in can occur when a static image is displayed for an extended period. This can create a “ghost” of that image burnt into the screen, such as a purple spot if there was purple imagery.

Pixel Distortion

Faulty, dead or stuck pixels on the iPhone screen can also cause tiny purple spots to appear. This pixel distortion gets worse over time.

Hardware Malfunction

An internal hardware problem like a faulty display connector can manifest as a purple spot. Pressure damage or a loose screen cable could also be the culprit.

Moisture and Liquid Damage

Exposure to water or moisture can short circuit iPhone display components and tint certain screen areas purple or green. Damage may start small but spread.

Age and Wear

Normal use over time degrades the display, and older iPhone screens are more prone to issues like purple spots as they near end of lifespan.

Diagnosing the Issue

If you notice a purple spot on your iPhone, don’t rush to get a screen replacement just yet. First, take these steps to properly diagnose the problem:

  • Note if the spot shows up under different conditions – for example, does it appear when the screen is hot or cold? This helps identify contributing factors.
  • Check if the spot overlaps interface elements like app icons, or remains visible even on a white screen. This indicates a display issue.
  • Verify the spot doesn’t change position on the screen. This rules out a foreign particle stuck between screen layers.
  • Examine the spot closely for any signs of impact damage or cracked screen layers.
  • Back up your data and perform a hard reset. See if the purple spot persists through the reset process.
  • Update your iPhone to the latest iOS version and calibrate the screen. Still there after updates? It’s likely a hardware defect.
  • Try applying gentle pressure around edges of the screen where the spot appears. Any change indicates a loose connector.

Resolving the Purple Spot on iPhone Screen Issue:

Resolving the Purple Spot on iPhone Screen Issue:

Based on what you learned diagnosing the issue, here are some solutions to get rid of that pesky purple spot:

Restart the iPhone

A simple restart clears temporary glitches and fixes small software issues causing screen artifacts.

Update iOS

Installing the latest iOS update can resolve any OS-level bugs responsible for pixel discoloration issues.

Check for App Issues

An app freezing in the background could create screen burn-in. Force close all apps before restarting the device.

Adjust Screen Timeout

Shortening the auto screen timeout prevents permanent burn-in of static images.

Use Screen Protectors

Protectors create an additional physical barrier against moisture and particle damage that can lead to purple spots.

Update Apps

Make sure all apps are updated to eliminate any compatibility issues with the OS that may cause display glitches.

Schedule a Repair

For hardware-related purple spots not fixed by the above steps, the iPhone will likely need screen repair by a certified technician.

How to Fix Purple Spot on iPhone Screen?

If you’ve diagnosed a hardware defect behind the iPhone’s purple spot, don’t try and fix it yourself. Take it to the repair professionals at FixCare in Bangalore for high quality screen replacement with authentic Apple parts and experienced technicians. We’ve fixed every iPhone model and can accurately diagnose and remedy purple spot issues.

Preventing the Purple Spots on iPhone Screen: Tips for the Future

While you can’t always prevent purple spots due to hardware failure over time, here are some tips to keep your iPhone display in top shape:

  • Use a screen protector to prevent scratch damage
  • Be gentle and avoid dropping your phone
  • Don’t place heavy objects on top of your iPhone
  • Keep the phone away from moisture and liquids
  • Avoid exposing iPhone to extreme hot or cold temps
  • Set auto-lock to 1 minute to reduce screen burn-in time
  • Update iOS and apps regularly to fix bugs
  • Clean the screen only with soft, dry microfiber cloth

Why Choose FixCare iPhone Screen Repair in Bangalore?

When it comes to professional iPhone screen replacement in Bangalore, the expert technicians at FixCare offer:

  • Quality repairs using only Apple certified parts
  • Advanced diagnostic tools to identify any issues
  • Precision installation to ensure full functionality
  • 90 day repair warranty for peace of mind
  • Fast turnaround without compromising service
  • Competitive pricing on all iPhone models and repairs

Trust the purple spot repair experts!


How do I fix my iPhone purple screen?

  • Take your iPhone to a certified repair shop like FixCare to diagnose and replace the faulty display.

Why are there small purple spots on my iPhone screen?

  • Stuck pixels, screen burn-in, moisture damage, or normal wear over time can cause small purple spots on the iPhone screen.

How do I fix the purple spot on my iPhone camera?

  • A purple spot on the camera can be fixed by having the rear camera module replaced at a professional iPhone repair shop.

How do I fix my purple screen?

  • A full factory reset or iOS update may resolve temporary software issues causing the purple screen; hardware defects require professional screen replacement.


A purple spot on your iPhone screen can result from multiple issues, ranging from temporary software glitches to permanent hardware damage. Carefully diagnosing the exact cause helps determine whether simple fixes are available or professional repair is required. If the discolored spot persists, don’t hesitate to visit FixCare. Our experienced technicians will quickly get your iPhone display back to flawless condition.

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