What Is The Snapchat Plus Badge

The Snapchat Plus badge, denoted by a blue checkmark or “plus” symbol next to a username, indicates that the account has been verified as legit and notable by Snapchat. It is Snapchat’s version of the “blue checkmark” that platforms like Twitter and Instagram use for verification. Obtaining the Snapchat Plus badge serves as a mark of authenticity and trust for creators, celebrities, public figures, and brands on the app.

There are a few key requirements to qualify for Snapchat’s verification program and earn the coveted Plus badge:

Requirements To Get The Snapchat + Badge


The account must represent a real person, brand, or entity – no fake or parody accounts can get verified. Snapchat needs to confirm the account’s authenticity.


The account must belong to a prominent or well-known public figure, celebrity, brand, business, media outlet, or other entity with an established reputation. Verification is not for ordinary personal accounts.


The account should show regular activity and posting of quality Snaps. Inactive or sparsely-updated accounts are unlikely to get verified.

Unique Content:

The Snaps and Stories should be unique, creative content not available elsewhere. Reposted or unoriginal content does not meet Snapchat’s standards.

No Violations of Policy:

The account must be in good standing without any Terms of Service or policy violations. Accounts that promote hate speech, dangerous behavior, etc cannot be verified.

How To Get The Snapchat Plus Badge?

There are a few main methods to get that coveted blue verification badge on Snapchat:

Method 1: Snapchat+ Subscription Card

The new Snapchat+ subscription offers an easy way to get the verification checkmark. Subscribers to the $3.99/month Snapchat+ service will automatically get the Snapchat Plus badge on their profile.

Method 2: Have Your Identity Confirmed By A Third-Party Provider

Snapchat partners with identification services like Jumio to check users’ IDs and verify account identity. Providing government-issued ID can confirm eligibility.

Method 3: Establish And Grow A Following On Snapchat

Build an audience and reputation as an influencer or creator directly on Snapchat. Some tactics include:

  • Consistency: Post quality content daily, not just sporadically.
  • Unique Content: Ensure your Snaps and Stories stand out as special. Get creative!
  • Collaboration: Partner with other Snapchat creators for cross-promotion.
  • Engage With Followers: Reply to comments, offer exclusives, and build community.
  • Utilize Snapchat’s Features: Leverage lenses, geofilters, games, etc. to create novel Snaps.

Method 4: Become A Prominent Member Of The Public Or A Celebrity

Famous figures in pop culture, politics, business, or other fields can get verified by reaching out to Snapchat.

Method 5: Contact Snapchat’s Support Team

Reach out directly via Snapchat’s support contact form and request review for the Plus badge. But accounts must meet the above criteria.


Can you see if someone half-swipes with Snapchat Plus?

No, Snapchat Plus does not reveal if someone has “half-swiped” or screenshotted your Snaps. That feature is still kept private.

What does Snapchat Plus reveal?

Snapchat Plus shows when someone re-watches your Snap and offers exclusive functionalities like custom chat wallpapers. But it does not reveal private actions like swiping or screenshots.

How is Snapchat Plus different?

Snapchat Plus is simply the verification badge. It should not be confused with the new Snapchat+ paid subscription service, which offers bonus features like custom Snapchat icons. Verification is free.


The Snapchat Plus badge offers an official stamp of approval for accounts that meet Snapchat’s criteria. While getting verified used to be opaque, the new Snapchat+ subscription or ID confirmation through third-parties now offers clearer paths. For creators building an audience on Snapchat, consistency, creativity, community engagement, and utilizing Snapchat’s unique features are key to getting noticed and earning the coveted blue verification checkmark badge.

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